So, you have issued your professional looking invoice, now you need to collect payment for it. It is recommended to give your clients as many easy ways as possible to pay your invoices. Collecting payment for the products or services you render becomes infinitely easier if you make it simple and easy for your clients to pay. We recommend having the following payment methods available to maximize your ability to collect payment:

  • A way to accept instant secure payments via credit card
  • Facilities to capture and process electronic funds or wire transfers as well as direct or bank deposits
  • The ability for clients to pay via an automated recurring debit order from bank account or credit card

It is important to remember that you have choice. Shop around for payment gateways with the lowest rates. Many payment gateways do not give you the ability to easily export your client’s payment details. This prevents you from switching between gateways easily. Shop around for a payment facilitator to give you more freedom. A payment facilitator will store client billing data securely on your and the gateways behalf and allow easy switching between gateways, so you always have the cheapest rates and your clients the most choice.