Trust that our products will integrate seamlessly within your system, safeguard you and your customer’s data all while you receive the personal and attentive support you deserve. 

Payment Solutions

Secure, Reliable Payment Processing

TrustCommerce payment solutions are an easy-to-integrate proxy to major merchant processing platforms offering state-of-the art reporting, fraud prevention, data storage, and business continuity services.

Standard offerings:

TC VaultTM: Virtual card terminal and real time reporting solution

  • TC Vault offers face-to-face and card-not present merchants the ability to process secure payments.
  • Use your web browser to provide payment processing services
  • Enter credit card, debit card or electronic check (ACH) transactions directly into the Virtual Card Terminal and receive payment authorization
  • Manually process phone, mail or fax orders

TC Link®: Secure API, based on open source technology

  • TCLink is the processing foundation for all TrustCommerce products
  • Real-Time processing thin-client API; Automated Fail over
  • Process all payment types: Credit Cards, Corporate Cards (Level 2), Procurement Cards (Level 3), Debit Cards, ACH transactions, and schedule Recurring and Installment payments
  • Supports virtually all hardware and software

Comprehensive Products and Services

As a leader in risk management and fraud protection, TrustCommerce TC SMART Products® reduce exposure to PCI DSS requirements and protect sensitive customer information.

TC Trustee

 Host – Hosted payment application

  • Secure, compliant method for processing transactions and reducing PCI risk.
  • Simple integration model
  • Full reconciliation features and reporting tools

TC Trustee Merchant Host: Merchant-hosted payment application

  • Communicates behind the scenes to TrustCommerce to offer secure, protected data transmission
  • Merchant never handles sensitive cardholder data
  • Allows merchant full branding and customization capabilities

TC Payment Portal®: Compliant online payment solution

  • Online system that allows customers to pay directly to the business, 24 hours a day
  • Customers can view their payment history, posted payments, and more
  • Reduces costs associated with live customer service/Bill Pay
  • Customer can schedule their own recurring/installment payments

TC Citadel®

: Powerful e-billing and payment solution

  • Allows for Recurring, Installment, Subscription and Continuity billing
  • Offload responsibility of storing secure cardholder data to TrustCommerce, thereby reducing PCI DSS compliance exposure
  • Replaces cardholder data with unique “token” or Billing ID