We have come a long way from the days when cash and cheques facilitated our business transactions.

The desire to increase the volume of our business, make our processes more stream-lined and time-efficient and provide excellent customer service has heralded in a vast array of technologies and facilities that are now so common place it can leave you wondering how we ever managed without them. Also as we enter and operate within an expanding global economy, the demand for fast and secure business transactions and payments particularly online credit card processing has never been more in demand.

We are proud to be a company that offers payment solutions, as online credit card processing. We merge modern technology with knowledge and understanding in our field. Our products are valuable to private organizations as well as local authorities, and come with full support and guidance from our highly qualified team.

We mainly present a gateway for merchants named ECCPRO, which is fast and easy in use. Online credit card processing is now made easy with our resources. All the dealings are done safe and sound, and we assure confidentiality during the whole process. These are not our only services and products. Here is an overview of the whole range of our knowledge.

  • SH Start High Gateway
  • ECCPRO Gateway
  • Merchants Accounts
  • Virtual Terminals
  • Credit Card Fraud Detection Service
  • Consultancy Services
  • Partner Projects including:
  • Affiliates Program
  • Reseller Program
  • Private Label Gateway
  • Integrators
  • Customer Support
  • Press Releases – library
Payment Gateway

ECCPRO Gateway – ECCPRO is a very powerful gateway solution that will provide you with:

  • everything required to have a successful e-commerce business.
  • A payment gateway that is a strong and a secure online credit card processing system.
  • easy to use system designed for medium to enterprise size companies.
  • you complete control over all your transactions and even allows you to print your own statement.
  • a very powerful system to allow you to handle several Merchant Accounts on the same server and install a number of clearing banks all at once.
  • a system for your customers to pay and be paid in whatever currency they choose

Merchant Account – With the merchant interface you can:

  • Control transactions.
  • Observe transactions.
  • Get summaries, graphs and more. The merchant interface is a secure website that you can enter from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Virtual Terminal – Our Virtual Terminal software:

  • Offers a fast way for merchants to manually process mail-orders and telephone-orders in a secure environment.
  • Will be installed on your computer so you do not have to use a browser and log into our system. This also avoids insecurity. Read more about our Virtual Terminal software here

Credit Card Fraud Detection Service – Protect your Internet business from card fraud on the Internet with our unique VFraud AntiFraud system.

You will get:

  • a system based on more than seven years of experience in Internet credit card processing. We are continually extending the features of our system in order to maximise protection of your Internet business.
  • a system that contains data we have collected over the years from the Internet about card processing behaviour and has resulted in a database with a large number of different fraud models. Our system allows a merchant case to be viewed from several perspectives, not only to protect us as a payment service provider, but also to protect merchants who rely on Cyberbit’s professional services.

Consultancy Services – Cyberbit Consultancy is for those who are looking for advantages from the knowledge of our team and business.

We can help you if:

  • you want to set up your own payment service provider.
  • you need insider information from the sector.
  • you need to plan how to deal with different complicated aspects of this industry such as risk management, due diligence and compliance.
  • you need tools to manage your business.

Partner Projects – Cyberbit offers an unrivaled array of opportunities for partners, and we are always on the lookout for opportunities to expand our business.

  • Join our affiliate program to make commissions from link backs and sales.
  • We offer an excellent reseller program that connects your gateway to Cyberbit. This means you will make use of our experienced staff, have the wide spectra of banks which Cyberbit is already connected with and be able to jump start your payment service provider business. This includes access to our anti-fraud system (VFraud) which you are able to present to your merchants as additional security. This is your chance as a business to get started or expand your existing PSP, ISO or MSP business easily. As a reseller you will automatically join the Cyberbit’s affiliate program. Refer any business to us in industries as payment service provider, merchant service provider or independent sales organizations. You will earn 45% commission when a referral ends up as a contractor. We make every effort to help you make good profits when you are working with Cyberbit.
  • Private Label Gateway – The private label gateway at Cyberbit enables you to start online credit card processing in a fast and secure way. We currently have two different options depending on whether you ant to install the Gateway Program on your own computer or a browser interface.

Customer Support – Cyberbit provides

  • complete support for all our products, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • •assurance that we will always look after your needs, and provide many routes for support if required.

Press Releases and Current News – Cyberbit provides:

  • a library of resources relating to the business
  • information to keep you abreast of relevant current news.

As you can see we are more than just a company providing online credit card processing services. We offer a complete service of support and resources to allow you in turn to deliver excellent services to your customers and keep you abreast with what is happening in your particular business area. We are sure that you will be very content when chosing us